University of South Florida
August 2016 - July 2019

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Information Systems
Overall GPA: 3.87     Major GPA: 4.00

Georgia Institute of Technology
August 2020 - July 2022

Master of Science in Analytics


Coding languages: Java, C Programming, C#, SQL, Python, VBA, R
Technical: Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, Foundation of Statistics, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Regression Analysis, Data Visualization, Exploratory Data Analysis, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Visio, Project, Access), IBM Watson Analytics, IBM Cognos, Visual Studio, SDLC, SAS
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Languages: English, Gujarati, Hindi


Name Description Tools Used
NFL Geospatial Data Analyzed geospatial data for an NFL team to develop a model to measure offensive and defensive lineman performance factoring in positive and negative outcomes. Data was stored in AWS S3 buckets. I used AWS glue to extract, transform and load the data in data warehouse. AWS Athena was used to analyze the data. I built the model on AWS SageMaker and used AWS QuickSight to create an interactive dashboard. AWS - S3 bucket, Glue, Athena, SageMaker, QuickSight
Diabetic Patient Readmission Analyzed data for readmission rate for diabetic patients by doing exploratory data analysis in R and using ggplot2. Created a prediction model using random forest and logistic regression to predict which variables can help us identify if the patient will be readmitted into the hospital within 30 days. We compared the logistic regression and random forest model by looking at AUC, ROC, Accuracy, and Specificity. R Studio, Kaggle. ggplot2, Excel
Hotel Data Set Proposed, and implemented, macros to combine over 1460 excel workbooks with each workbook having 8 worksheets. Saved over 45 hours of labor by using macros to combine and format the worksheets in 30 minutes. Record and run a macro to organize all sheets into the same format. Used Kutools for excel to combine 365 sheets. Convert 4 excel files to csv to use with tableau. Created a union on tableau with 4 years of data sets and then analyzed the data with dashboards with the purpose of improving sales and finding meaningful patterns. VBA, Kutools, Tableau, Excel
Share-A-Bull Bikes Systems Proposal Created share-a-bull bike program improvement recommendation plan by researching current implementation, news articles and feasibility studies using agile methodology. Devised data process models using Microsoft Visio to illustrate the proposed system’s data outflows and inflows. Microsoft Visio
Care Management Program Integrated Operational and Outcome Reporting Designed three executive dashboards that provided the enterprise view of the KPIs with slice and dice capability for care management program. Loaded 250 million rows of data from Microsoft azure data warehouse to Power BI. Developed the data model on Power BI to connect the tables from data warehouse. Tested KPIs equation accuracy by running queries in azure data studio. Power BI, Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse, Azure Data Studio,
Healthcare Project Management Dashboards & Reports Created project management dashboards for the oldest and most experienced provider of health coverage in America. Identified important KPIs to measure for project management team. Integrate data provided by the company with additional dimensions to generate dummy data. Developed data model used for Power Bi to extract data from tables. Created a dashboard to showcase KPIs for waterfall and Agile projects. Created dynamic dashboards using buttons with actions to navigate through multiple reports from one dashboard and change layout of dashboard based on the selection of waterfall or agile. Power BI, Excel
BAO&G COMPANY: Data center merger and relocation Build a base line plan for the project using Microsoft Project and a project closeout document. Composed a project charter which included project goals, scope, scope boundaries, and project team structure. Established a business case for a data center merger and relocation which included cost benefit analysis, feasibility, risk and sources of funding. Microsoft Project


August 2022 - Present

Consultant – Data & Analytics

  • Assessed 39 existing Qlik Sense dashboards, reports, and data models for migration requirements and identified opportunities to leverage advanced Power BI features
  • Developed customized Power BI dashboards and reports that enhanced functionality and met stakeholder requirements. Advanced features such as custom visuals, scatter plots, funnel charts, and tree maps were incorporated to provide more intuitive and interactive data representations.
  • Developed customized Power BI dashboards for a cruise industry client, tracking website traffic, Shorex data, and internet purchases and utilized advanced Power BI features for interactive visualizations and insightful analytics.
  • Deloitte
    September 2019 - August 2022

    Solution Engineer

  • Play a key role in design, development and implementation of analytics solutions to translate data into actionable insights.
  • Perform data visualization through understanding general design concepts and the ability to tell a compelling visual story.
  • Construct data pipeline, workflows and schedules to extract, transform, integrate, and analyze data from disparate relational database management systems
  • Citigroup
    June 2019 – August 2019

    Internal Audit - Data Governance & Operational Risk Management Summer Analyst

  • Completed DEA audit documentation, and analyzed data sets for compliance.
  • Conducted quality control analysis evaluating business processes and controls to identify data issues.
  • Supported the development of automated testing procedures for continuous auditing, by utilizing innovative data analytics approaches.
  • Oscher Consulting
    August 2018 – June 2019

    Forensic Accounting Analytics Consultant

  • Analyze financial data and trace discrepancies and present findings to be used as trial evidence
  • Examine financial statements, bank statements and other sources of information to assist in damage calculation
  • • Gain an understanding of cases/investigations and propose and implement analytical/statistical work to help determine potential losses
  • Peak Campus
    June 2018 – August 2018

    Leasing consultant

  • Responded to internet leads, answer prospect calls, conducted property tours and sold about $675k in leases
  • Maintained an excellent customer service relationship by adhering to the Peak Science of Service Standards
  • Utilized established sales and marketing strategies to increase property traffic, maintained closing ratios and worked to achieve and exceed budgeted occupancy percentages by 38%
  • AaNeel Info Tech
    June 2016 – December 2017

    Business Analyst

  • Test compatibility of new programs with existing programs
  • Improve existing programs by reviewing objectives and specifications; evaluating proposed changes; recommending changes; making modifications.
  • Developed presentations on behalf of the company for professional use as well as conducted data analysis through Microsoft Excel for CCM (Chronic Care Management) program with the purpose of lowering hospital readmissions. Expanded on analytical and communication skills while being exposed to the health care system.

  • Leadership

    Engineering Council
    February 2018 – Present

    Finance Chair

  • Develop multi-year operating budgets that integrate strategic plan objectives and initiatives
  • Develop an annual operating budget of 2 million and approve the budget within the finance committee
  • Present all financial goals and proposals to student government and approve budgets for engineering organizations at the University of South Florida
  • Engineering Student Ambassador
    August 2017 – August 2018


  • Lead a weekly tour through College of Engineering for incoming students
  • Represent the College of Engineering in its events with upcoming and current students and its faculty
  • Attend events with fellow ambassadors such as tailgates, the Homecoming parade, Bulls Session networking opportunities, the annual Bullarney fundraising event and the Corporate Ambassador Program
  • SASE (Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers)
    May 2017 – May 2018

    Administrative Officer

  • Acts as the chapter’s organizational and accountability support
  • Organize the Google Drive for ease of access and being familiar with different administrative policies across campus that concerns the chapter.
  • Updated the President and Vice-Presidents on the accountability and progress of each officers regarding the tasks they were delegated and initiatives they signed up for
  • SASE Regional Conference at USF
    July 2017 – February 2018

    Executive director

  • Scheduled meeting with companies to host workshop and find sponsor for the conference
  • Assigned weekly and monthly tasks to committee directors and manage over 37 student volunteers
  • Overseen all sub-committees and chairs to ensure conference planning is on track by leading general body meetings weekly.
  • Engineering Expo
    June 2017 – February 2018

    Exhibitors Director

  • Provided support necessary for exhibitors to create a lasting impression on our young visitors
  • Networked with USF student organizations as well as STEM related organizations outside of USF
  • Handled registration process for over 15,000 attendees by ensuring the process runs smoothly and answering any questions related to the expo
  • SIA (Students of India Association)
    May 2016 – May 2017

    Marketing Director

  • Managed and operated social media accounts and designing artwork and flyers
  • Organized and conducted marketing of annual events to help raise awareness of the organization
  • Increased attendance by 66% during the year in which I served as the marketing director and for the upcoming year we secured a $9,500 A&S funding for the organization
  • Student Body Elections

    Campaign Manager for Candidate Raj Patel for Senate

  • Engaged in extensive management, facilitation and marketing for the campaign.
  • The election was won through strategic planning and execution, also receiving the title honor of highest vote count in SG Senate elections for the USF College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Certifications

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • SAFe POPM (Product Owner Product Manager)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt

  • In-person Training

  • AWS Technical Essentials + Big Data by ExitCertified(Tech Data)
  • Architecting on AWS by ExitCertified(Tech Data)
  • Data Science with Python by ExitCertified (Tech Data)
  • Testing CoE by Deloitte

  • Online Courses

  • Python for Data Science
  • Global Banking - Citi
  • Business Analysis Foundations
  • SQL for Statistics Essential Training
  • Business Analysis Foundations: Business Process Modeling
  • Business Analytics Foundations: Predictive, Prescriptive, and Experimental Analytics

  • Awards

    Data Blitz

    • Placed 2nd nationally for annual Data Blitz competition by performing analysis on Opioid crisis in America by utilizing Tableau to generate storyboards.
    Dean's List

    • College of Engineering: Spring 2017
    • College of Business: Spring 2018, Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019