I was born in Vadodara, India, and during my formative years, I developed a profound affinity for the game of Cricket, along with a burgeoning interest in technology. Subsequently, my family and I relocated from India to Tampa, Florida, when I was seven years old. My educational journey commenced in Tampa, encompassing both middle school and high school.

Having graduated with summa cum laude honors, I completed my degree in Business Analytics and Information Systems from the University of South Florida. Subsequently, I pursued a Master of Science in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, further elevating my educational and professional path.

This progression mirrored my unwavering dedication to exploring innovative pathways where technology and data drive positive societal change. This fervor was ignited during a pivotal summer internship at AaNeel, a distinguished healthcare software enterprise. The realm of technology-infused solutions captivated me, propelling me beyond conventional disciplines

Central to my ethos was an enduring commitment to perpetual learning and embracing discomfort for personal growth. I drew inspiration from "Suits," where Harvey Specter's maxim, "the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary," fueled my efforts, resulting in my distinction on the dean's list.

Additionally, I was deeply influenced by Gary Vaynerchuk's insight: "skills are cheap, passion is priceless." I believed any endeavor must be brimming with genuine passion, propelling one to realize their fullest potential.